About us

                  Global Aid Foundation, Inc. is a New York State, IRS 501(c)(3) registered charitable foundation; was founded in 1993 in Astoria, New York, by a group of concerned laypeople and clergy —from all religious backgrounds— to conduct nonsectarian activities which are exclusively charitable and educational within the meanings of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

                  GAF’s primary purpose is to provide relief aid and developmental assistance. Current worldwide distressed socioeconomic conditions forecast, that is expected to continue for the next half century,  and an increase in the number of people who will be forced to live below poverty levels.

                  GAF strives to do as much as possible in preparation of providing support for those who lack the most basic needs to survive. A mandate of the Foundation is to create public awareness and a sense of commitment to assisting those on need.

                  The scope of our assistance range from providing medical services in impoverish areas to building schools, shelters and community centers in developing countries as well as addressing the needs of the metropolitan inner cities in the USA and abroad.

                  Also, one of our main goals is to contribute in the pursuance of assisting those afflicted by global illnesses and educating the general public about the tremendous need for support to those affected.

                  GAF firmly believes that by enhancing and expand our cultural knowledge from a multinational point of view will provide each and every one of us with an opportunity to have a better understanding of the many groups that populate this earth and the entire universe; we strive to be joined in the bonding universal force of peaceful coexistence and growth.

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